Do not try to negotiate with a metastasizing cancer!

Зет метастазы

Friends, you are fighting the wrong people! An open letter to Western politicians from a Russian journalist in exile.

When I hear opinions among Western politicians that it is possible to come to an agreement with Putin, I want to say, “Guys, you are trying to come to an agreement with a cancerous tumor.” Here you just need to understand that no matter what you do, the tumor will still kill. It is arranged this way, this is the meaning of its existence.

It is necessary to excise the tumor along with metastases, and the surviving tissues should be treated for a long time with radiotherapy and high-quality medications. If you like, radiotherapy is us. Russian opposition, independent journalists, human rights activists and ordinary people who believe in goodness, not propaganda. We fought, but the malignant tumor turned out to be stronger. And now, unfortunately, you don’t want to hear from us.

You can’t negotiate with protozoan parasites or scavengers. They are devoid of their consciousness. And they will act only the way they act. This also applies to Putin and his system. Unfortunately, this is also true for many of his supporters.

When you impose sanctions on all Russians, you act as strangely as possible. Because you hit first of all the people who are easiest for you to reach. Your sanctions hit precisely the most vulnerable categories of Russians who are in forced emigration. It is these people who are least to blame for Putin’s criminal war. Moreover, many tried to prevent it!

Most often these are opponents of the war and the Putin regime, people who left Russia in 2022 and 2023. Most of my acquaintances, even if they had their own businesses, are very bad with money now, because they had to leave Russia urgently. For other friends, the situation is simply catastrophic; some of them had to return to Russia. Is this really what Western sanctions should lead to?!

You say, “You fought poorly!” Well, we did everything possible. We were in the minority. And, unfortunately, at the time when I became interested in politics due to my age, there was little that could be changed.

I worked in independent media, wrote blogs for 20 years in which I tried to open the eyes of Russians to what was happening, and attended opposition rallies. Sometimes their visit ended for me in the police. Would you like to say it was necessary to act more decisively? You’re probably right. But we are peaceful, non-aggressive people and wanted to build a civilized country. Alas, few people wanted to listen to us when we acted peacefully. And certainly no one would listen if we became radicals.

Have you ever thought about why there is no political opposition in the Gaza Strip? Why do residents of the Gaza Strip in their interviews talk only about their own suffering, without saying anything about the fact that a new war was provoked by a Hamas terrorist attack? So why is there no opposition in the Gaza Strip? I will answer. For members of the opposition and all kinds of dissidents, Hamas has a very effective political tool — big sharp saws.

With these saws they cut off the limbs of undesirable citizens. And they throw the results of this political struggle out the windows. For everyone to see. And this persuasion tool works. Russia has not yet adopted these very effective election technologies, although many representatives of the elite and journalists also regularly “accidentally” fall out of the windows. So Russia is actively adopting this experience.

When representatives of the Western world think about violations of the law and repression, for some reason they think that it all happens in much the same way as in developed countries. However, this is not the case. If you still don’t understand me, look at the example with the saws just above.

Why do Western countries need to help Ukraine and Russian civil society? Because we are doing a lot to stop this war. So far, civilians and defenders of Ukraine, as well as Russians who have become victims of Putin’s propaganda, are being destroyed in the meat grinder. But if Putin wins, that will be your problem.

That is why it is necessary to help opponents of the war and opponents of Putin’s political regime. But instead, for some reason, you are fighting them, or rather, us. Believe me, Western sanctions hit Putin’s supporters inside Russia minimally. But these sanctions provoke poverty and an absolutely disenfranchised legal status for those who fought against Putin throughout the years of Putin’s rule and left the country saving their lives. I’m afraid you won’t hear us. Please hear at least the last part!

Please, do not stop supporting Ukraine. And give the Ukrainian soldiers everything they need to win. This is a good deal for you. Ukrainians are now dying, including for you and your children to live, be free and happy!..

Unfortunately, we are not talking about our lives…

Кладбище в городе Плёс

Main photo: Frame from the video Legalize (D.O.B.) & Mr. Freeman — “PEACE!! YOURS!! HOME!!”

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